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Gender Bender is an arts project that invites a fresh, innovative and new look at Gender. This has been my experience through illustrating the poem (Epiphany) I wrote last year and then developing the track for it.

The lyrical poetry in the song is:

I am born
Without marks and names
Definitions unfit for frames
Purpose, and even shame

And I know that
The one thing naked
About my body
Are its thoughts.

They murmur stories of unfolding & liberation
Sans prejudices, they play.
Till they meet you
Garbed in an unfamiliar skin

Entwining my being around your regressive ideas
Barbed wire, tucked now in moss, enraged.

Stirred into me
Were words and judgments
Drawn on my skin
Were conclusions and even

When you tell me who I am
It hurts what I could’ve been
When you govern who I’m supposed to love
You mortify my connect, the beauty of my being.

The one thing naked
About my body
Have been its thoughts.

So I plummet In shame
“Right where I belong”
Calling out to fear
As it embraces me back

But you will find
Not just my body
Colliding and divulging
From redemption to salvation
Has emancipated.

For when did I, a soul unhitched
From my own understanding
Enter your jurisdiction of judgments?

What I was born into I will be
A concoction of everything I have touched
Where I belong
It will be In conspiracy, in subversion
And love.

Ergo, You will find
Not just my body
Has emancipated.

Just so you know that
The one thing naked
About my body
Are its thoughts.

Track composed by: Animesh Chaurasia
Vocals: Animesh Chaurasia
Shot by: Saapeksha

An interactive multi disciplinary art installation at the Gender Bender exhibit.