I am an independent artist, freelance illustrator and activist. I'm afraid a longer inquiry into it will trigger my self doubt issues so please wait around till I outsource this description.
My work revolves around socio political issues not just in the context of it but also in praxis. Since I am brazenly at odds with capitalism and do not deem it fit to have corporate profit in my account since they are consistently exploitative, it feels like blood on my hands. So it has led me to work mostly with the developmental sector, non profit sector and publishing industry. It's no wonder I am perpetually broke and burnt out.
In the past I've worked with many organisations in the capacity of youth advocacy and mobilisation. I ran some campaigns myself for amplifying stories of the Bhopal Gas Disaster's aftermath + the Remember Bhopal Museum, child rights with ANSH & UNICEF MP. I was the Asst National Coordinator for the One Billion Rising Campaign for two sessions based in Jagori Rural, Himachal Pradesh
I was an accidental entrepreneur as we created Dylogg, a space where culture, coworking and socio politico meets for the community in Bhopal.I am also building Studio Kichhui, an informed intersectional feminist (queer) design studio that responds to the needs of organisational work and learnings visually.I am further keen on learning music, engaging in tech based practices that can be applied to effective advocacy and begin some meaningful work and learning in wildlife conversation.

Thankyou for reading this.