Painting for catharsis-ing


 जकड़न | جکڑن

I have been working and deconstructing this drawing for a while now.
It may be hard to decipher but if you relate to any part of this do write to me :
The being that this illustration is, had to be caught by the collar from my subconscious.
It was a strange, constipated discomfort that I could neither confront nor deal with.
Today I held and reprimanded it.
It’s complete now.

Sometimes I tie my ribs
Into knots and clamp them
With my knuckles tight.

I have borne & raised
Succulents of my own
Through the scars in my chest.

Shriveled labia that were
Doors to pleasure
Headless ghosts you don’t remember
Phone numbers of…
Will you call me?

Painting for catharsis-ing.