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NETRI is India’s first incubator and aggregator for women in politics which delivers programs that equip women to run for elections, become political professionals or political entrepreneurs thereby increasing women’s participation in decision-making.

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Who Gets The Limelight ?
Women Politicians and Indian Media

In 2020, India was ranked 112th in the Global Gender Gap Index. This gap is evident in the news-hour too, with lack of representation and limited space for women politicians. In fact, the Global Media Monitoring Project 2015, in India pointed out that only 7% of the political news covered stories of women in politics. It then becomes paramount to bring this gap to the fore and discuss ways to reduce it.
Thus, on 21st June 2020, NETRI Foundation in partnership with SheThePeopleTV to hosted the first online dialogue – “Who Gets the Limelight”: Women Politicians and Indian Media- as part of the Women Who Lead Series.

Women Politicians and Governance

In the light of the COVID-pandemic, climate change crisis, the ongoing debate about menstrual leave at the workplace, we aim to discuss the importance of women politicians’ participation in governance to face global challenges coming our way and the ramifications of their absence on our society, economy and polity. The panel discussion will look at the policy areas concentrated by women politicians, what they do differently, how they do it and most importantly why their presence is important for overall development?

Designed Full Communication Style for Netri, India’s first incubator and aggregator for women in politics.