#ProudTogether | Levis x Gaysi

Illustration for #ProudTogether


Inspired by real people from my life in both the virtual and physical space. The community is a safe space for everyone to express who they are in all authenticity ; the unicorns, the introverts, the gender non conformists, the ones who are out and proud and the ones who don’t owe anyone anything. It seems like a mythical world, this comet of solidarity, but it has made me who I am, comfortable in my skin.

It’s a response to this call:

What does #ProudTogether mean to you?

As queer people, we tend to grow very attached to our chosen family within the queer community. This family becomes our support system, our go-to place, our joy and sadness while navigating our every day in a world which still fails to understand our experiences. We are looking at #ProudTogether with the same emotion we feel towards our queer family, however with a magnified lens. We are extending the same emotion to the entire Queer community – looking at the whole picture. Looking at how the support structure provided by a community empowers an individual. How a collective unit strives/fights for everyone in the unit without any distinction or differences. We move forward together, we fall two steps behind – together.

Draft Sketch (Pen and Ink)

Illustration for #ProudTogether | Levis x Gaysi.