T M Krishna | Book Illustration Portrait

Illustration for the book "Boys will be Boys"


It’s not everyday one gets to draw people they hold deep admiration for, especially during times of resistance.

T M Krishna @tmkrishnaofficial is a Carnatic vocalist, musician and activist.
A Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for “his forceful commitment as artist and advocate to art’s power to heal India’s deep social divisions, breaking barriers of caste and class to unleash what music has to offer not just for some but for all”, he is one of 600 people against whom a case was filed gathered for the protest against the CitizenshipAmendment Act (CAA)

This illustration along with many others can be perused in
Boys Will Be Boys (2.0 to @likeagirl.co.in ), a beautiful book that aspires to create positive, feminist role models for young men.

Creative Director : Ayesha Broacha
Medium : Watercolor

About the Book:
Have you ever been told ‘Toughen up!’ or ‘Pink is a girl’s colour!’ or ‘Boys don’t cry!’?Are all the men you hear about cricketers, movie stars and YouTubers, maybe an occasional business tycoon? Well, here are the stories of forty-five Indian men who dared to be different. A sailor who circumnavigated the globe. A designer who took Indian fashion to Paris. A doctor who revived rivers. A barefoot artist. Rocket scientists, entrepreneurs, journalists, writers and activists. Men who followed their heart and changed people’s lives. Read about them. Talk about them. Get inspired. Boys will be boys – go show the world the best way to be one!

The book is available here

Illustration for the book 'Boys Will be Boys' by Aparna Jain