Taana Baana

A conversation card game


Taana Baana is a set of 72 cards with powerful questions and acts to spark meaningful conversations and connections about 6 key dimensions of life.

Taana Baana is a term used to describe the process of weaving different coloured threads to create intricate patterns in the fabric. Similarly, the game aims to stimulate community building, foster self-reflection and surface some of our compelling personal stories and anecdotes from life.. These stories serve as the connecting threads that bind us together and create lovely, enduring bonds.

Where to Play the Game?

  • Spice up your social gatherings and community events
  • Bring ease to your workspace conversations
  • Facilitate team building & collaboration conversations
  • Engage participants at conferences, seminars and workshops;
  • Intimate dialogues with spouse / romantic partner;
  • Initiate a conversation with a stranger
  • Break the ice with family and relatives
  • Self-reflection & Journaling

Suggested Age – 16 – 116 years


A conversations' card game created with Swacardz and Youth Alliance